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Four Fun & One-of-a-Kind Locks

Posted on: June 20, 2013

We discovered that some Locks come in a lot of traditional versions that are pretty familiar to most of us. Whether it’s a lock in a door knob, a deadbolt, or a car lock, these options are all quite run-of-the-mill to most modern individuals. We thou ...

Five Ways to Open a Car Door without a Key

March 13, 2013 Posted in: Security Locksmith Services

Getting locked out of your car is never fun. It can leave you late for work, school, or even a social outing, and also leave you feeling frustrated and annoyed. If you’ve ever locked yourself out of a car there are methods to open car doors, however they are not recommended if not done professionally.

A certified professional will be able to perform the service without damaging your vehicle, if it’s an emergency situation and you have to get in the car then some of these methods may come in handy.  Keep in mind, calling a local locksmith will more then likely save you time and the risk of damaging your vehicle, which will cost more then calling a professional to do the job.

We created this article because we are based in Miami and the importance of security in Miami is extreme. If you are locked out in Miami call Smart Lock Solutions.


Using an Inflatable Wedge

Inflatable wedges are thin, inflatable sacks that you can slip between a door frame and a vehicle’s body or between a window’s weather stripping and the glass itself. Once the sack is in place, you inflate it carefully to create a gap between the two components. If you were to use it on the door frame, it might give you enough room to slip something into the interior of the car and either disengage the lock or pull open the door handle.  If you were to use a wedge on a window you could then use a tool or coat hanger to lever the rods within the door that operate the lock mechanism.

Inflatable Wedge

Using a Slim Jim

Slim Jims are the tool most people think of when they think of a locksmith or even a car thief. These long slender pieces of flexible metal can be slipped between the weather stripping and the glass of the window to reach the lock mechanism. Slim Jims have a hook on their ends that can catch the rods that attach to the lock. Unfortunately, the nature of car door locks has evolved over the years and many car doors cannot even be opened by these devices anymore. Moreover, trying to use a Slim Jim when you aren’t trained in unlocking doors can actually leave a car lock inoperable.

Slim Jim

Using Professional Lock Pick Sets

Locksmith suppliers sell complete lock pick sets. These sets can have as many as 25 different tools with set-ups for several different types of locks and even ignitions. With these sets, you are picking the actual lock itself. These kits often come with complex directions, but this method can take a good deal of skill.

Pro Locksmith Tools

Using Long Reach Tools

If a window has been left slightly ajar or if you use a wedge to gain enough space between the door and the car frame, you can use certain professional long-reach tools to open a handle or unlock a door. These devices are often covered in protective plastic so that you don’t damage your car’s finish. They can feature loops on their ends as well that can catch around a car door component such as a handle. Some of these tools even have control knobs that will let you make adjustments to the loop end of the tool. Other useful features can include glow-in-the-dark designs that allow you to see what you’re doing even in low-light situations.

Long Reach Locksmih Tools

Calling a Professional

In the end, however, your best bet may still well be calling a professional locksmith. A professional won’t damage your car and will be able to deal with the more modern, advanced locks many of today’s cars feature.  A professional locksmith will also have a diverse array of tools on hand for coping with any lock-out situation.


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